Monday, 6 February 2012

The new toy - Sony Alpha NEX - 5ND

In 2010 I was in Parede Portugal, spending sometime with my Vóvó (Grandmother) who is 81 this year and as usual she brought out the collection of family photos. The large majority of which family was together, celebrating, smiling and of course the talking point eventually, me, as the centre piece of a number of photos. A young kid that I can barely recall. 
What followed was the familiar recount of events leading up to that specific moment the camera lens opened for a fraction of a second and snapped shut. The moment the lens captured and exposed photosensitive film to a certain level of light forever imprinting it with an image which would bring about a recurring conversation, laughter and create a lasting memory which will outlive my grandmothers and has mine. This is my love of imagery.

My Vóvó still uses a Minolta, frail but held together, by a few purposely stitched strips of tape. A camera that I need to know more about and will in time and remarkably still takes amazing photos.

Today, technology is different. Images are captured by processes which are too hard for me to explain but can be found here Digital Imaging Processing. The outcome, however, is still the same.
Sony Alpha NEX-5ND with 16mm and 18-55mm lens kit
Sony Alpha NEX-5ND, 16mm & 18-55mm lens kit

To the right, my own story telling machine, a Sony NEX-5ND which I hope will keep the test of time as well as my Vóvó's Minolta.

I chose a Sony NEX 5N over a Canon 550D and a Nikon 5000 due to the practical, compact and equally good image quality. Initially looking into a full DSLR but was completely won over by the design of the Sony NEX 5N.

The Sony NEX 5N comes with a 16mm and 18-55mm interchangeable lens kits, shoots 16 Mega Pixel images and a ISO range up to 25,600. It has a range of features that allows for stunning visual effects to manual mode with full camera control. It is an amazing camera, portable and easy to use with a very intuitive touch interface and is great for beginners looking to test different levels of perspective and learn photography.

A full review of the camera can be found on the DPReview blog, check out page 15 for a nice comparison tool against other leading brands.

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