About Me

My name is Pedro Da Silva. I am a full time marketer, a part-time student, husband, dad and hobbyist photographer. This is my photo & weblog. Welcome.

Perception is defined as the state of becoming aware of something, a sight, a sound. It's the point in time when our brain determines what we feel, see, smell, taste or hear around us is important enough to form or recall particular meaning. It's no surprise that in our busy lives we miss or ignore a huge amount of insight into the world immediately around us.

This blog is my attempt to spend a little time discovering the missed information in photos, videos and imagery.

I try to make a small contribution to the photography world through a Sony NEX-5ND and shoot in RAW + JPEG. I use Image Data Lightbox SR for post processing and I like to tinker with Adobe Photoshop to play with images and create perspective.

This is a work in progress, feedback, suggestions and comments welcome.