Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Simplicity of textures, shapes and lines

The late french painter, Eugéne Delacroix, was quoted to say "A taste for simplicity cannot endure for long". Maybe, but perhaps he hadn't come across the quote of one of the most famous renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, who once said "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' and maybe led to a German renaissance painter, Albrecht Durer, to discover "As I grew older, I realised it was much better to insist on the genuine forms of nature, for simplicity is the greatest adornment of art."

I think we are simply destined to build more complex, esoteric, lives around us that eventually lead us to a point where we need to find solace in simplicity.

This week and after uni exams and an insurmountable source of work I thought it would be interesting to spend a little more time focusing on the most simple and often ignored images of our daily lives. A collection of shapes and textures found all over our homes. But with a slight Photoshop touch up.

Sony NEX-5ND Photoshop, Crystaline ShuttersSony NEX-5ND Photoshop, Thatch Fence
Sony NEX-5ND Photoshop, Cement Leaf Motif

Sony NEX-5ND Photoshop, Recycled Fence Table Woodgrain

Sony NEX-5ND Photoshop, Brick Pattern