Friday, 23 November 2012

The Peacock's Feathers

Peacock's feathers

The Symbolic Nature of The Peacock

"She is a Peacock in everything but beauty." - Oscar Wilde

The peacock has long been revered as a symbolic creature. It's beauty and elegance only matched with it's perceived arrogance and power. The peacock has long been the focus of fables and found in Egyptian and Biblical folklore and it's symbolism documented in many sites like the meaning of symbols blog.

While it has only been recently that scientists have been able to confirm that the size of the feathers and the number of eyes on the feathers can actually determine the strength of the offspring, a fundamental part of natural selection and evolution, it has long been know to be a symbol of renewal and fertility as document in the Evolution 

Images of The Peacock and it's Feathers

You can't really get a bad shot of a peacock and it's feathers but it's not always that you apply a photoshop effect through the image to bring out a different perspective of the bird.

Image of Peacock's feathers with charcoal photoshop effect.
Even in black and white the peacock's feathers are captivating

Digitised image of a peacock and it's feathers.
I like how this image ended up, it's as if the peacock's feathers exploded shooting outwards from his back.

Close up image of a peacock.
The peacock in all it's striking might.

peacock from behind with photoshop effects applied
The back of a peacock, with neon effects applied through photoshop elements, brings out some amazing detail.