Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Pictures

For whatever the reason, Halloween seems to be picking up steam in Australia, from 2006 the overall interest doubled as more and more people use Google to search for information on Halloween (Google Insights, Halloween Trends) and more and more photos of Jack-O-Lanterns seem to pop up no the social feeds. I cracked, and decided to join them. 

Must admit it's pretty easy and a heaps of fun. All you need is a cheap pumpkin, some tea candles and a sharp knife. The small, assistant witch is optional.

Picture of a Golden Nugget Pumpkin
Golden Nugget Pumpkin
Picture of a Golden Nugget Pumpkin with the top cut out.
Pretty hollow stuff and easy to carve through
Picture of a Jack O Lantern
Get your creativity on, if you need ideas, some examples a little lower.
Picture of a Jack O Lantern with a candle lit inside it.
Drop in a tea light and turn out the lights. Check. We have a real Jack-O-Lantern.
Picture of a Child Witch and Jack O Lantern
Final stage and for dramatic effect, add one small witch to the picture.

Picture of a Jack O Lantern on a Cutting Board with a Knife
Our first Jack-O-Lantern

For some more ideas on for Halloween, check out the top 5 'Jack-O-Lantern' pictures from Flickr.

Happy Halloween 2011
Jack-O-Lantern, Disney Style - Photo Credit, Justin in SD
Red Eye
A Jack O Lantern Cylon geeks will know what that is - Photo Credit, Oskay
Happy Halloween!!
6 cool designs for Halloween - Photo Credit - Just Us 3
Wee Westie Watching for Tricksters
Great jack-o-lantern designs - Photo Credit - Randy Son of Robert
happy halloween!
Nice teeth! - Photo Credit, Fiddle Oak.

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