Wednesday, 26 December 2012

London Something Old and Something New

"How incessant and great are the ills with which a prolonged old age is replete."
- C. S. Lewis 

London, Something Old and Something New

Very few places in the world have such a mix of old world charm and modern design. It has to be respected. We have replaced sandstone for glass, steel for iron and plastic for wood. It's only through this contrast that we can see how much we have become.

Image of the Jack the Ripper Tours sign from Tower Hill station in london
Jack the Ripper tours right outside of the Tower Hill tube station.

Image of an eerie building and tree's on the banks of the thames in london
The banks of the thames is littered with old majestic buildings.

image of the roman wall at tower hill london
The old roman wall running from tower hill, hemmed in around modern developments build circa ~AD400

roman wall, window with modern building window in tower hill london
Roman wall, window looking through to the new building behind it.

image of the tower of london at night
The tower of london built in the 1000's.

tower of london with skyscraper behind it
You only need to walk the circumference of the tower to see some of the big highrises coming up over the city which are at complete odd with the old designs.

crane towers illuminated over tower of london
A new crane tower sits above the curtain wall of the tower of london.

picture of the tower bridge in london
The tower bridge, built in the 1800's. 

tower bridge in london
There isn't a moment where this bridge isn't filled with people and cars. With some time delay images you can remove the noise of the new influences a little.

The tower bridge house, sitting just metres away from the bridge. Removes any similary or  linkage to the bridge and tower.