Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Serenity Prayer & Westminster Abbey

It is close to 1000 years old and it has not only stood the test of time but somewhat contributed to it. Many have been buried and commemorated within it. 17 Monarchs lie beneath it and many more that are famous too. It has survived world wars and celebrated royal marriages. It is the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, or short for Westminster Abbey.
In all it's Gothic majesty, it has a cryptic panel, showing a prayer or blessing with some tragic irony.

Prayer at Westminster Abbey

May God Grant to The Living, Grace
To The Departed, Rest
To the Church & The World, Peace & Concord
And To Us Sinners, Eternal Life

Benediction Panel on the Side of Westminster Abbey
Benediction or Prayer on the side of the Westminster Abbey

20th Century Martyrs at the Westminster Abbey

The entry to the Church, where the martyrs of the 20th century perch above it's archway in gargoyle like fashion. A reminder of the cold harsh world we live in. Maximilian Kolbe, Manche MasemolaJanani LuwumThe Grand Duches ElizabethMartin Luther KingOscar RomeroLucian TapiediDietrich BonhoefferEsther JohnWang Zhiming all unveiled in 1998 to remember their sacrifices. All the stories are quite sad and their personal sacrifices are great.

The entrance to the Westminster Abbey on the Western side.
The Western Entrance of the Westminster Abbey
The 20th Century Martyrs standing guard over the archway
The Martyrs of the 20th Century stand watch over the western entrance

~ Pedro