Thursday, 16 February 2012


It's amazing the sort of world that is at your doorstep if you look close enough. January and February comes alive with insects and bugs in the backyard and with that come the Spiders.
I'm both fascinated and slightly freaked out by them but thought they would make a good test case for some more photos. They are amazing creatures, working tirelessly and mindlessly to weave such intricate designs, even found one that for some reason has used a leaf to curl it into a little shelter on the web. Evolution?
Managed to get a bit of sunshine into the photos that really helped bring out the silk and background colours. A narrow focal point shaped the images and worked well to keep the attention on the spider while keeping the background interesting.

Sony NEX-5N, 18-55mm, ISO100, 1/125sec, f/5.60
Sony NEX-5N, 18-55mm, ISO100, 1/125sec, f/8

Sony NEX-5N, 18-55mm, ISO800, 1/100sec, f/5.60 - Levels Manually Adjusted

Sony NEX-5N, 18-55mm, ISO100, 1/125sec, F/6.30

Sony NEX-5N,18-55mm, ISO200, 1/100sec, f/5.60

Sony NEX-5N, 18-55mm, ISO320, 1/100sec, f/5.6 - Levels Manually Adjusted