Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lisbon - Saudades

Saudades is a Portuguese word that carries such a strong emotion behind it. It is difficult to describe, but it's easy to imagine. It's feeling that you get when you are departing from the ones you love, the feeling you get looking over old photos and the feeling you get finding an old belonging, the thought provoked from a faint memory of a smell or taste of a favourite childhood food all inexplicably intertwined into one sensation.

No where better captured than here, through Cam MacKellar's, aptly titled Saudade. A haunting and beautiful melody.

Lisbon, Portugal, is that sort of place for me. A world apart and a culture so different, filled with old world charm and a slow pace of life that seems to be out of sync with the reality I live in. A place that reminds me of who I was and brings so many good memories and Saudades.