Saturday, 20 October 2012

Trip to Wine Country, Hunter Valley Resort

To be honest, I can't remember the last time I was in the country.

It was nice to have a little time out from Sydney and spent a couple of days out in the Hunter Valley. Time moves slower, the air smells fresher and the wine tastes nicer. After finding some old and weathered farm equipment I regret not taking my Sony NEX 5N to snap up some of the shots in higher quality but, was surprised at the quality of the photos from my mobile phone, HTC One. In the end was able to get some good photos of the country side and some rusty old farm equiment and touch them up nicely on Photoshop Elements.

All photos have been edited in Photoshop to adjust the light and saturation levels. Some of the photos have had some effects layered.

The following photos where taken with the HTC's panoramic feature and some of the colours and light levels adjusted. The HTC One's camera features are actually pretty impressive, for panoramic shots it has an auto level feature and a guide that shows you where you need to frame your next shot to continue with the next shot in the panorama.

Stumbled on this old farm equipment in the resort and managed to sneak away for a couple of shots during some team building. Am sure the team didn't miss me. For some reason there is just something pretty interesting about old rusted industrial equipment and I had to get a few photos. These first 3 photos have only had light and colour levels adjusted. Not bad for a phone camera.

Additionally to the the light and colour levels, the following shots have all had some Photoshop effects layered on to bring out some of the colours and detail.