Sunday, 26 May 2013

Australian Reptile Park

A day out at an Australian Zoo.

Nestled amongst the Eucalyptus that follow the Sydney-Newcastle freeway and around the Brisbane Waters national park is a colourful dinosaur that could be mistaken for a Jurassic styled theme park. It is the turn indicator for the Australian Reptile Park. A small zoo that hides within it a decent number of animals and is actually great value for money when you compare what you may pay at the Sydney Wildlife world in Darling Harbour.

During a visit with the family I managed to take some shots of some of the animals. All photos taken with a Sony NEX 5N and using a 18MM Wide Angle Lens and a 18-55MM Zoom Lens.

Without a doubt the star of the day was the huge Crocodile they have in the enclosure, but closely followed by the slightly creepy zookeeper, who is actually a pretty entertaining guy, but very creepy.

~ Pedro

Photo of a large saltwater crocodile under water next to a no swimming sign
No Swimming. 
Photo of the creepy zookeeper at the park with an alligator around his neck
This zookeeper was a strange character, some of the kids seemed a little creeped out.
Small alligator scurrying across some substrate
This little alligator was deceptively active after laying about on the zookeepers neck.
A bird with wings outstretched near a lake
This guys was just drying himself out by the looks of it, not really all that fused by me taking a few close ups.
Close up photo of a Koala.
Not sure if I had ever seen a koala's eyes up close, strange and reptilian.
Zookeepers at the Australian reptile park feeding a large crocodile
No photo cropping here, just wanted to give perspective of the crocodile. Massive.
Two tortoises in a compromising position. One doesn't look happy.
I don't know what these two where up to, but the one on top didn't seem all that happy to get snapped.