Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spanish Angels Dancing The Flamenco in Spain

It was in 2005, Madrid, I had a great front row seat in a restaurant/bar that put on an amazing Flamenco show. Can't remember the food, but still remember the dance. Full of swagger and bravado, my first live Flamenco, it was beautiful.
Set my camera, an old 3mp Canon, to a slower shutter speed and captured some amazing images of the dancers in low light.
The perfect balance of low light, reflection and movement made sure each image was left with a trace of the movement through that fraction of a second, just enough to let us know what was happening.
The slower shutter speed blurring and capturing their movement into some ethereal stills which have so much life. Even from a still photo you can see the wild and passionate movement in the dance.

A flamenco dancer in Madrid

A flamenco dancer in madrid spain performing

A flamenco dancer in a white dress in madrid spain dancing

A flamenco dancer in madrid spain wearing a white dress and dancing

A flamenco dancer in madrid spain wearing a red dress and dancing

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